Day after Thanksgiving sale

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The Thanksgiving holiday comes on the fourth thursday of November, the following Friday is called the Black Friday and its the biggest sales event of the year. Since christmas is close most people buy their christmas gifts around this time and the retailers heavily advertise discounts to attract the crowd. It's sort of a mad gold rush where people line up infront of stores since 4 am and the stores open at 6 am.

I took this picture around 5:00 am in the morning infront of Circuit city, the line trippled when I passed the store again at 5:45 am

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Best Buy store had by far the biggest line I saw today, this picture was taken around 5:20 am and there was already a quarter mile long line infront of the store.

(Click on the above image to see the Complete picture)

I felt sorry for Office Depot, they are really close to my appartment and at 6:00 am when they opened their doors there were hardly 14 people standing in the line. I went inside too but didn't find anything worth buying :)

Note: These pictures were taken in quite a hap-hazard way without a tripod. I had to digitally alter them to improve picture quality, therefore i am not including the camera settings I used here.


Angela J. C. said...

GREAT fotos here! Have to love those insane after-Thanksgiving shoppers!

Dinky Mind said...

*totally shocked* Oh God, you took that pic at 5 in the morning. Don't you like sleeping?!? zzzzzzzzzz!?!?!?
There are few people (e.g. you) who give up sleep. People like me can't think about doing that...
Have a nice day. And yeah, have you slept after that?!?!

Faraz said...

I'm taking flu medication, and sometimes I can't sleep because of that. I was up since 2:30 am and slept around 7 am when I returned home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Faraz

Did you also go to Fry’s ,, I went there around 6:20am (after the fajar prayers).. Man I was shocked to see so many people standing in the line, its almost give you the feeling that stuff are given away for free.

By the way I got a really got a good deal on Internal + External HDD, And also on the CF + SD cards..

Take care

Ali said...

Good photos Faraz, although the lighting was not perfect and wide angle lens might have done the trick better.

It is a very good idea to take photos of this once in a year event.

Did you get any good deals?

Faraz said...

Actually, I looked up all the deals a couple of days before the sale through one of the BlackFriday websites. Didn't find anything worth buying.

John Howard said...

Actually, Thanksgiving comes on the fourth Thursday of November.

Faraz said...

Thanks for pointing that out JRH, really appreciate it! :)

Michael said...

Hey, nice picture. I'm going to use it for a newspaper article. We will attribute the photo to you. Thanks a lot.