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Anonymous said...

Go get married
(Jahanzeb Baqai)

Faraz said...

Look who's talking? :P

Anonymous said...


but you are the one who is homesick


Ayesha said...

your rapidly developing sense of photography and its techniques is making me SO jealous. (j/k) I like the unique angle which u gave to this picture.
thumbs up.
keep up the good work.

Henna said...

Your blog seemzz a scrapbook of lonely photographer...iz its so?? But really NICE!!...Well I also like to be itzz member and also invite you to my blog only if you like...though i am a fledgling blogger but a mature person...can I ask your e-mail id plzz???

shhh... said...

the best thing about ur photographs are u alwaz try diff angles, do you also use wide angle lens????

Faraz said...

I did'nt use wide angle in this picture, the idea was to bring attention to the name of the city and blur the clock in the background.

To do this I used the depth of field technique. The Aperture needs to be wide open (this is the F stop value in the above table), and the camera needs to be close to the point of interest (which is the name of the city in this picture). A wide angle lens does not make sense in this situation.