Visit to a farm

(Click on the above image to see the Complete picture)

I took a day off from work to participate in my neice's aqiqah ceremony, we had to go to a remote farm in Lodi, California for that. I found this very cute and innocent calf over there so took this picture.

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insiya said...

and now post your neice ki pics like you promised.

i hope she is doing well. =)

Faraz said...

I can't post her pictures without her parents' consent, sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Good work, specially i like the way you have captured the backgrnd. Though the sky is kinda wash out, try to use ND and C-PL filters.

one suggestion , try to take the picture form a angle where subject is looking inside the frame, if u notice all the subject is looking out side the frame on the left side ,, .. hope you got what I am trying to say here

thanks for sharing

Faraz said...

Thanks JB,

The calf moved away when I was trying to compose the picture, but I took it anyway. It was originally looking at me through the fence.

I didn't take any accessories with me 'cuz I knew I would be getting my hands dirty and my baby niece was more important than taking pictures :)

Thanks for the suggestion, you are absolutely right!