End of a busy day

(Click on the above image to see the Complete picture)

I was really busy the whole day running around different cities. This is a snapshot of the last few moments of sunset, taken from a parking lot in Fremont today.

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shhh... said...

hi its kishwer again

this time u hav not mentioned the camera settings, and secondly do you use same camera reel for every photograph or change the reel according to photograph's requirement.
in b/w this one is also amazing your photograph's colours are very sharp.

Faraz said...

As a rule of thumb, you shoot all your landscapes with the lowest Aperture possible on your camera which is F2.8 in my camera. The shutter speed was 1/60 second, it was a handheld shot with no tripod stand. The trick I used was to adjust the "exposure compensation" by moving the settings 2 steps on the + side.

I use a digital camera, so there is no film reel involved. And I shoot almost all my pictures at ISO 100 setting (which is equal to ISO100 speed film).

saba said...

Thats a fantastic picture. :)

Faraz said...

Thanks Saba :)